Mafia City H5 - gangster game by Yotta Games App Reviews

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Love this game!

I really enjoyed playing this game.



Absolutely horrible

So much random information and random tasks, supplanted with the broken English dialogues, make this game abhorrent. Only played it for the Tapjoy coins and almost couldn’t bear to see it through. Says something about a game/game-maker too when there’s an in-game offer to “rate us 5 stars and receive free in-game gold”.... Now you know why it’s rated so high... DELETE.

Good game

I like this game



Great game

Great game

I feel like a crime boss

Game is great kept me up all night

Great game

Great game


I actually don’t like games like this but this is a first👌🏽


Great game play at work when bored

Mafia Citizen

Game is very addicting and challenging.

Ray roamer

Great game!

Great role play

Excellent role playing game. Everyone needs to get this.


Pretty cool game

Don’t waste your time

Played this game in two different cities that became dominated over night by Japanese players. The game is not balanced, it is weighted and geared to make you loose. The game is collapsing under its own weight. It was a good game, sorry the devs had to ruin it with their greed.

Can't stop playing

Game is awesome and very addictive!

Great game

You will enjoy


Excellent game

Fun game!

Fun game!


Great game. Love it.

Haven’t tried yet

Am I gonna get a response anyway?

Fun Game

I like that you can play a female mafia boss. Also it’s one of the few games where I am having fun and not having to spend real money to do it.



Fun game

A lot to do

nice game

actioly i though this is not a good game but after palying i realized its nice


Best of the best strategic game

The best

Good game


Cool game just getting started but seems like it could be a very fun game

Love it!!

Very addictive!!!


It’s cool fun action and others

Fun way to spend a little spare time

A fun game! I'm still learning, but there's a lot here.

Love this game

I love this game. It is so addicting.

Wonderful game!

Garbage advertisements make me hate this game.


Really strategic and time consuming. It can get expensive though.

Awesome Game

Great game I play everyday, glad there is multiple things to do in the game never nothing to do. I just wish it was easier to earn advanced teleport.

Está bueno

Fantástico lo recomiendo


I like the Raise to power & Street Wars $$$!




Great game


Simple game easy to play

Awesome game

Fun game to pass the time.


Thank you

Nice game

Nice game and very funny




Really nice game!


It’s a great game

Good but need to spend a lot to get to the top

Good addictive game but I had to spend about 700$ to get anywhere close to the top. Need to spend money at every turn or keep doing boring tasks for weeks to get anywhere!


Nice game!!!


Good fun game

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